Friday, August 27, 2010


"lounge in the pool like it is your last afternoon on earth"

The above quote is from a Lexus commercial for an "end of the summer" sales event.  I thought what triviality that we see this time as.  No thought of eternity, what if hell is your destination?  According to theological thought that should be your last reaction.

But that is the nature of the written Word of God, it is counter cultural.  In a culture that wants comfort it says sacrifice.  In a culture that needs approval by what I drive it says lose your life so that you can gain it.  In a culture that has lost all moorings with any morality it says gouge out your right eye, lop off your arm to gain the kingdom.  Yes, these are all the words of Jesus.

No there isn't any drawn out discussion of something so insignificant as a commercial on radio but these thoughts struck me as I thought about this world and its trappings.  Someone actually had to come up with that and I pray for them to know the nature of the true gospel in all of its glory.

Your boasting friend,



  1. I heard that commercial and it struck me the same way. Outlandish!

  2. thanks for your faithfulness in thinking like your husband. ;)

    that is tounge in cheek, I married you because mostly you don't - which is a compliment.