Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The akwardness of sharing Gospel truth

Yesterday, I took my family to see Madagascar 3, something to "Europe".  Anyway, it was somewhat entertaining - one note, don't ever get there late.  We were in the second row and I could've sworn that my seat doubled as a seat for Shuttle take off's, nuts!

Well, as divine meetings would have it, Luke, our youngest, would not be still.  He's 16 months old and a boy - no need to say anymore.  I went outside to let Luke get his "wiggles" out and just kind of stood along the wall as he went head on into oncoming traffic - foot traffic that is.  Brandon started noticing him and said how busy he was, I agreed.  I asked if he had any kids and he said, "Yes, a three year old boy", well I have one as well, beside Luke, and the conversation started off on those commonalities. 

At one point he mentioned about the kids playing with boxes more than they play with anything else, you know, when you get 'em that nice new playhouse, tricycle, etc...you would more likely find them playing in the box then with what you thought they would.  After a couple of minutes, I came back to that analogy.  This is where the "akwardness" takes over, how should I say this?  what exactly should I share?  start off w/ heaven - hell - life?  I say yes to all.  Sharing the gospel is awkward and let me tell you one thing, IT'S OKAY!!!

Have you ever had the distinct impression that you need to share with a person what the true gospel is?  I was having those impressions.  I said, "you know a relationship with God is a lot like that box.", impressive, right?  I continued, thank God, right?  I said, "it is like taking all the good things that God gives us - air, food, money, clothes and if we don't turn around and acknowledge Him, it becomes like playing with a big empty box."  I continued, "Jesus Christ is the gift that God has given because we have a bigger problem than we could ever imagine, one that you and I would never be able to take care of...SIN!"

So it went on from there, I shared a couple of verses of scripture, John 14:6 and Prov. 14:12.  We can think that we will never come to a day of accounting but God says differently.  Have you spoken up lately?  Maybe it is that friend that you've been with for 2 years and they're continuing on and you see only destruction and they see happiness?  When will you say, "Um, there is something that I've been neglecting..." or the Spirit will give words to express.  The result isn't up to you!  See John 3, with Nicodemus, Jesus sovereignly chose to submit to the Spirit's work over/in salvation.

God bless you as you share this gospel and maybe the person will turn around and say, "what was that all about?"  So, should you shut up?  No, no, no!!!  I say, share, share, share with anyone who'll listen and it will be amazing to hear the Spirit's heartbeat in yours thumping for the Gospel. :)

Boasting in the gospel,