Friday, August 20, 2010

Evangelism and the Manti Pageant; FAIL

Manti, UT is a place of gathering for the Mormon faith to gather and play out the foundations of their faith as portrayed through the Book of Mormon.  This Pageant draws 7,000-10,000 per night, in this little town of about 4,000, during about 6 days in the summer.  It is also a place where, Christians, who love Mormons, come to confront the false gospel of those same Mormons.  According to many of the testimonies, that I've heard, there has been respectable dialogue between the attendees and the evangelists there to share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

But this is now being threatened.

The Town Council of Manti is considering a proposal which would shut down the main street going to the pageant location thus inhibiting our brothers and sisters from doing the work of the gospel where it has been unobstructed before.  They would turn the street into a park but with special "rules".  Basically this would inhibit those coming to Manti from a public venue that they can, as I said, lovingly confront the false gospel that the Mormons hold to.  It seems as if there is not a lot of debate on this but we need to get the message out.  There is a proposal from John Kauer of that would allow the City and LDS to buy the property but maintain the civil liberties that any public park would have. 

The Gospel is not at all affected or offended, they will still go and there will still be the evangel in Manti but this is an assault. There would be signs of prohibition against proselytizing, can you imagine?  I know that I've seen, "pick up after your dog", "no alcohol", "no parking after dark", "don't litter".  But, "don't talk about the true gospel"? :)

Please pray:

  • for the ministries that are seeking to minister there.

  • that the gospel would continue to go out w/o hinderance from those opposed to it.
Your boasting friend,


*here is the real sign that is out there, of course it is not as good as my sign above, being truthful...:)

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