Friday, September 25, 2009

Pornification and the gospel call

So I was driving down the road the other day and saw a sign that was advertising a new show. Now I don't want to be one that would disparage everything that the world does and label it as garbage and not worthy of my time. There are many pursuits in the arena of God's common grace over everyone that are worth time and investment. Many of them cannot be found on TV, one reason the family decided to ditch it. That is for another post, I digress.

I saw the advertisement for, Californication, please don't say that you watch it for a better aim at sharing the gospel. All you can see on the billboard is David D.(sp?) and he is in between the girls who are walking up these steps. It is obvious what they are selling and it does sell very well. But the star has already seen the distress that it has placed on his life, after entering a sex rehab in California. Again, I digress. On the way back from work I get Cougar Town and then to top them all off I get the lie that, "The early church welcomed a gay man" also "would Jesus discriminate?" all within a 20 mile ride from Grand Prairie to Dallas on I30.

Why do I bring this up? We are bombarded everyday with the images and ads that titillate the mind. But further, think of it this way, what a society celebrates in the open is only a symptom of a greater sickness. There is no truth but what comes into your desire, if you like it and desire it then it must be good. I think this is where the gospel is counter cultural, it makes you think in opposite of your desires. What desire comes up in my life isn't to be displayed as true and celebrated unless I have made a conscious effort in bringing it in line with the gospel. Is it difficult in our society, YES! That is the whole point! We have instant access to our desires because that is what a society that celebrates these things does.

So the pornification of the society goes on and will continue to go on in a society that celebrates our own desires. Whatever you want you can have because if you desire it it must be good. I hope that attitude never gets into the chur...oops.

Boast in the gospel.

Your boasting friend,


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  1. It's bad, but I don't really think it's worse than it was in the 1st century. We have the same sins and the same call to proclaim the gospel to changes the hearts of men. We just have better communication media now, but the sins are the same. Evil people go from bad to worse, but the kingdom continues to grow! Praise God!