Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Being salt and light - Gospel witness

Just saw this today on the Desiring God blog about President Obama's speech and John Piper celebrating the 'common grace' that is posited within the speech.

It resonated with me since I accepted a coaching position, somewhat forcefully, they called I accepted, to coach my son's fall ball team. To say that most of the kids home situations are either fractured or fracturing is an understatement, would it be that bad to wish them some of the grace, that I as a Christian, experience everyday, undeservedly so, but still that is the seed of the Gospel.

John Piper uses the term, "common grace", at the start, and I wonder if when we become so far along in our Christian witness we don't tend to feel a little comfortable with ourselves. "I" fear God, "I" pay my tithes, "I" fill in the blank, see my point is that if we would be out in the community and at least praying for opportunities to share maybe, just maybe these can be springboards by which the Spirit uses to open a heart. He does it friend, it isn't you no matter what you or I say, but don't blow the chance that "common grace" presents and go out to love on a baseball, football or basketball team. Hopefully the special grace to believe will be accepted and the gift of regeneration will happen before your eyes.

If it doesn't happen know that He is glorified no matter what. Say the word, show the gospel and love those who need a hand by "common grace" and maybe, just maybe that special grace will be lavished on them as well.

Your boasting friend,


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