Thursday, November 7, 2013

The promise of Mammon - a reversal of Matthew 6:25-34

Have you ever thought of what some of the promises or favorite verses in the Bible would look like if they were turned around.  Needless to say, I have. :)  Jesus says, "Therefore" in v. 25 to kick off the section of many quoted lines that many Christians have held to down through the centuries and for good reason.  Verse 24 lets us know what the "Therefore" is there for - namely two Masters - one God and the other mammon or money or stuff.

If we're sold out to one Master over the other, think about what that Master would be saying to us - CS Lewis' Wormwood from The Screwtape Letters might have something similar to say.

Let's listen in on what Master Mammon might be saying:

"Therefore I tell you - worry about  today, be genuinely anxious - let others know about it.  Worry about everything, what you'll eat, what coffee you'll order and how much you're working out.  Isn't life about food and the body about great clothes!

Look at the birds of the air, they work hard, get there early and stay up late.  They're not fed just by sitting there you know, you can add some value if you could just work a little harder or better yet, get more successful, but, always make sure you get yours by getting more of what we like - MONEY!

You know, your internal clock is ticking - your not getting any younger, don't just "let yourself go", we've got some living to do, after these little brats - ahem, I mean blessings - grow up and then we really start living!  Eat right and exercise so that it'll give you more time for where it really matters - HERE!

Isn't it time for a nicer dress, maybe a better pair of pants - I mean look at the "lilies of the field" - God dresses them beautiful and "your of more value than they."  You need to look just as good.  Look at Solomon, he was successful and he dressed decent, just sayin'.  So, if you can clothe yourself now, the way you should look and put a little "play" money away for the future - SCORE!

You know the grass - it always needs to be mown and your neighbors yard always looks better than yours.  Hopefully you can get that taken care of but don't sweat it, just remember to live for the here and now, get it?  "O you of little faith."

Keep getting more anxious about eating, I mean "where should I eat" and "picturing it on Facebook" should be highest priority, shouldn't it?  What should I drink - oh, lets see, caramel machiatto or salted caramel, latte or frap?  This should be your highest priority and remember to put it on Facebook!  Yes, what should I wear, this is a good one - you need to be noticed and remembered for how you "dressed to impress".  Start spending more time thinking about this, it is the more important things and remember Hell is just around the corner.

You know what? Your neighbor just got that new crossover SUV - hybrid, I think God knows that you want to create a better environment and your car is already 2 years old!  That, Master God, is such a killjoy at times, I mean, all the time for me, but, you, how can you stand it?  You want something and you cannot have it because He "knows what you need".  Huh!?!

So, take it from me, your Master Mammon and be anxious for tomorrow because the "early bird gets the worm", might as well beat everyone to it, so there's more for who matters...right?  You rascal.


Yours Terminally - Flesh"

BTW, those are my favorite S'bux drinks. ;)

Let's all boast in the Gospel of our true Master Jesus!

Your friend,


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