Monday, August 1, 2011

Joseph Prince - master manipulator or compassionate truthsayer?

In general TBN holds the line for those who would teeter on the line of orthodoxy and so I really try to listen closely, when I'm flipping around at 6A feeding my 3 month old son, to what they have to offer.  Well, here comes Mr. Prince, affable, funny, stylish and a remarkable tact for mixing so many truths with lies that it is noxious.

As I said, I cannot say that I would expect any less from the channel that also brings you Jesse Duplantis and John Hagee.  These who would mix the message of biblical truth with philosophical and generally sophomoric insight which people seem to eat up.  Of course the lies get mixed in, there is a magical potion that all of the sudden they say "Jesus!" and poof, they're acceptable.

Back to the main character, Mr. Prince.  Today he just went a little too far, to the point that I just had to document it.  Here he is going across the stage and he says:  "I mean people who say that its not right to prosper"..."who is gonna help the poor"..."I mean heaven is paved with streets of gold and "as in heaven so on earth" (quoting from Matthew 6:10, Jesus teaching the disciples how to pray)..."right?". 

I would like to ask Mr. Prince a few questions:
  •  Did Jesus follow the same thought as you do?  I mean, he was rich, right (Luke 9:57-62)? 
  • Why did Jesus send the rich man away, "sad" (Luke 18:18-30, emphasis on v. 22-23)?  According to your thinking he would've welcomed him on board and used his money, right?
  • Since when is using a parable, about praying, good for material gain?  Is that what Jesus would say to do?
  • Why do you think it appropriate to use the vicarious sacrifice of Jesus interchangeably?  One time regarding redemption and then toward this prosperity garbage?
  • Isa. 55:1 seems to encourage a different economy that is uncommon among today's fare, what was God expecting them to use?
 Please let me know, I find you very sincere but sincerely wrong on this, so please answer my questions.

Thank you.

Boasting in the gospel of Christ,


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