Tuesday, December 21, 2010

year of the gay? the old and new challenges to the Gospel

The Congress voted to repeal "don't ask, don't tell" from the article at the WSJ.com there is more to come.

My feelings about gays serving in the military isn't really the issue, it is the constant barrage that I must accept a lifestyle that is wrong, I must call it good.  The other day we were looking out the window and a dog had come into our backyard.  Our cat, being the curious type, sat in the crouched position and looked.  He continued to look at the dog, who was female, and our daughter piped up, "maybe they have a crush on each other."  We informed her that it is hard-wired into their system only to like their own kind and they look for the opposite, male or female.  Because God did it and they seem to be okay with that, even to the point that they won't chase after each other in that way.

But this is the point of DADT and other views that the GLBT community seem to continue to barrage the American public with - basically - I'M OK!  This is the point of the Gospel we admit our brokenness and then bring it to a God who hears.  Continuing as the homosexual community is I would compare it to speaking louder to someone who doesn't know english.  I think if there is something they haven't figured out it is that there is no interpretation to their lifestyle, it just doesn't compute to a majority of people.  If I could convince any of my homosexual friends of anything it would be stop trying to claw your way to the top, surrender to the God who loves broken people. (Isa. 66:1-3) It seems to me there is an obvious link between the homosexual community and brokenness, believe me I talk to a colleague - who is gay - about his brokenness quite often.  See here

I feel that, as Kate Kendall said DADT "ignited a national conversation not just about the ability of lesbians and gay men to be good soldiers, but about the underpinnings of all sorts of government-sanctioned discrimination..."  Could that start with marriage?  Of course and here we go with another year of this being shoved out as the "most important" thing while millions won't even get the voice to say what they believe mainly the unborn.

So, I hope I'm wrong about this being the year of the gay but may I find the gospel in the midst of their poverty and my own poverty and may we reach together for the God who forgives those who repent and place their trust in Jesus Christ.

Your boasting friend,


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