Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Manhattan Declaration

So I signed it.

There is a huge debate within the blogosphere and there is a continuing drawing of lines that can be good and bad. Not to not fall on either side of this, I'm squarely behind those who signed.

I don't completely disagree with those who are opposed to a declaration made by a 'melting pot' of those in the evangelical community. It is very hard to come to some consencious regarding something of a theological debate but this isn't theological, it might be to those who are purporting it to be somekind of in-gathering. Regardless of those that would do that it is clearly not a theological treatise. There is nothing mentioned of Justification by faith, transubstanciation, baptism, soteriology, etc...

It is a simple, well written, declaration on what we believe about the 'core' issues in our society. I work all day, every weekday in this society and we need some parameters to put on the "PC' (political correctness) that is continually thrown in our face. Everyday I talk to gay people and they have no scruples about living in a society like ours that doesn't have biblical moorings.

Speaking to my wife about this and being able to articulate what I saw in the article that I could agree on I think that the ones who would not sign and defend their positions don't work in the everyday world.  If it is a mistake to sign then God will have to deal with me but to have something, that is not beating around the bush and isn't from a dominionist perscpective was refreshing.  I will debate Roman Catholics and Orthodox faiths on the foundational issues that we definitely disagree on, I don't go into this blinded by ecumenism or that it becomes my foundation.

To have SOMETHING that states in words that are pertinent to the world we live in.  Why I believe that it isn't a 'giving over'.

"We as Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical Christians, have gathered...we sign as individuals, not on behalf of our organizations, but speaking to and from our communities."

Individuals signing a document doesn't bind them together in more than that, individuals desiring to say that morally this is where we stand.  The only change that will truly come about is by a proclamation of the Gospel of Christ.  Some signing do not believe that but it doesn't define my view of the Gospel or the way that I proclaim it.  Stating where someone stands is just that, a statement.  Unfortunately those in the Reformed community aren't seeing that as something relevant to our current state.  I feel as though I'm becoming part of that, I don't understand why they haven't put anything out stating what the Gospel does say about such things.  Instead of reacting why don't we become proclaimers and show the world what the Gospel will do but especially those of us who follow and listen to them!  Paul said that he did what he did, In II Tim. 2:10, "Therefore I endure everything for the sake of the elect...", for the sake of the elect.  Bring out your thoughts regarding culture so that I can live in the midst of it.

Yesterday there was a known gay person in my office that I make reservations for, I have a collegue who is gay, my manager is gay.  I have marriages all around me that are in disarray, I can feel the tightening of the religious police who will come into my office and cringe becuase of my Bible or other books that are on display.  I say to those leaders who are against the Manhattan Declaration to come out with something that they can or will agree on to the point that it would compel me to sign and say, "Yes, I can go to my office with that in mind and to the glory of God do my job."  I'm not saying that that doesn't happen, it does, not by my working but by God's outworking.

To know the Gospel and love the Gospel is my goal, I would never disparage it in any way, I want to be a model of God's gracious love and power.  I have a clear conscience, that is a nice thing to say but more than that I want to bring the Gospel and how it speaks to every situation so that Christ might be exalted and treasured above all.

Your boasting friend,


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