Wednesday, November 11, 2009

True Gospel

So you stumble upon this blog and I have one shot at letting you know what is the Gospel.

Here it goes.

The Gospel is for you to know God. There is a separation between you and God and it is called sin. It cannot come into the presence of God because he is ultimately holy and we are ultimately sinful. But he has provided a way to know Him through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who came in the form of a man as God and submitted himself to death on the cross. There is no greater agony that was suffered or will be suffered than what was done in Christ on the cross.

The Bible says that you are 'dead' not one part of you is alive to God. Because of sin you cannot see God unless he comes and wakes you from the dead, maybe even now your starting to see. Maybe now there is an awakening that says, "I never will be good enough to be in God's presence." We all have to come to that, there isn't a 'good enough' button that we can push that will get God's acceptance. You must bow and acknowledge that you are ultimately nothing but a beggar who is in need of grace.

I don't say pray a prayer and it will all be done, God forbid! Cry out to God right now where you are and pray for him to open your eyes, pray for him to wake you from the dead, pray for him to let the scales fall off of your eyes. Never stop praying that! This Gospel is for everyday of the rest of your life.

Finally, connect with a Bible loving church - read the Bible for yourself and love God and others. Demonstrate that love by and for God because it is He who first loved.

Your boasting friend,


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