Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gospel (un)praying

"You don't realize -- and I'm not the religious type -- how many times you say, 'Please, God," he said. "When I saw that boat, I said, 'Thank you God. Thank you God.'

"I still can't believe it. Lucky. Lucky." - quoted by Nick Schulyer, sole survivor of the boat accident that killed 2 other NFL players and his friend who was a player for UCF.

This has to be the most incredible quote that I've read but I think it says much about those who aren't really affected by the gospel of Christ. God was calling and he felt it, he said as much, "Please, God", don't get me wrong I'm sure those were earnest pleas before God. As much as a dead man understands or knows God but this is the kicker and I don't think many reading the article will notice - "Lucky. Lucky."


I'm not at all coming down hard on this guy, we are all found in the same condition by God, dead and without life. But this is the life that is unaffected by the gospel, many prayers have been said like this in situations that could be life threatening but then once you get to the other side of the storm, "man was I lucky". I'm not saying that he should say, "I was 'blessed'", what an overused and obtuse term today that has everything to do with a 'positive mind' syndrome that is plaguing the church. What he should say is, "I can't believe that God heard my cry and rescued me, He is amazing and because of this my mind has changed about who He is and what He can and cannot do and I believe in Him, more specifically I believe in Jesus Christ."

Please don't get me wrong on this either, I wouldn't want it for the TV cameras or the publicity but that God would be rightly related to, that His mercies would be seen afresh and loved; not just seen as 'luck of the draw'. One day Nick will bow before God and I hope by then he will have acknowledged his mercies on this side of the storm.

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